1. Water tank: Filtered water is kept in the tank and slowly released into the breadbaskets below
  2. Vegetables growing in breadbasket: Breadbaskets filled with porous lava stoned are used to grow vegetables. The stones and vegetables roots trap the nutrients and filter the water which then flows into the fish tank below.
  3. Fish droppings enrich the water with nutrients for growing vegetables
  4. A variety of small vegetables can be grown such as swiss chard, cows peas, eggplants, sweet peppers, etc.
  5. Pump: A solar powered or had pump recycles the water to the top tank, ready for the cycle to start again.
  6. Chickens provide meat and eggs for consumption and/or for sale. Their droppings are captured and used to feed the fish.


This unique system integrates fish, poultry and vegetable farming using recycled water. It is designed to maximise the yield of each component, whilst minimising the amount of water required. Our research has shown that Haller’s aquaponics system uses only 2% of the water conventionally needed for the same vegetable production. This is particularly important in drought-prone areas in Africa.  Haller’s aquaponics system is also affordable, it is made with low cost materials that can be found locally.

We have made several changes to this initial design – in particular to the fish tanks.  A revised illustration is currently being worked on.

Video here

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Wild gardens series 5
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Peru | by Ramin Hossaini

I miss South America very much.
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Anarstarpi, Iceland | Jens Klettenheimer
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Alleghe, Italy | Vladimir Niskin
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